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NOTD - Scottish plum

     Hello, ladies.

     Recently I promised you that I'll start writing other posts rather than just reviews and this is me keeping my word. This weekend I had a thing about manicures and, if yesterday I posted a manicure inspired by my national flag, today I tried the stamping plate from Essence. 
     A while ago Essence launched on the market some stamping plates, stamping nail polishes and other accessories, but at that time I didn't buy anything because I thought I didn't like it / this type of manicure was too complicated for me. Well, time passed, I learned a few things and, when I decided to buy the Essence stamping things I couldn't find any. Only a week ago I discovered in a drugstore a few products which, of course, I bought.

     Va promisesem ca o sa postez si altceva in afara de review-uri si iata ca ma tin de cuvant. Weekend-ul acesta m-am simtit inspirata in ceea ce priveste manichiurile si, daca ieri am facut un model inspirat de steagul Romaniei, astazi m-am gandit sa folosesc noua mea placuta de la Essence.
     Acum ceva vreme Essence a lansat pe piata niste produse pentru stamping (stampila, oje speciale, placute), insa la momentul respectiv am stat departe de ele pentru ca nu ma atragea / mi se parea complicata o astfel de manichiura. Eh, timpul a trecut, am mai invatat si eu una alta, insa cand m-am decis sa pun mana pe produsele lor, ia-le de unde nu-s. Abia in urma cu o saptamana am reusit sa le gasesc iar si bineinteles ca acum nu mi-au mai scapat.

      I find the Essence stamping nail polishes pretty good. They're not too thick nor too thin, they're pigmented and they transfer easily on the nails. The stamping plate has five interesting patterns and they fit my nails, except for the thumb, for which the models are little bit small. At the moment I have a problem with placing the pattern on the entire nail, but when I will be a little more skillful they will look a lot prettier. 
     As a base for this manicure I used a purple nail polish from Golden Rose (09), which I bought from Romania. The nail polish has a matte finish, but if you look closely you'll see small sparkly particles, visible only in a certain light. After the nail polish has dried, I applied the pattern and... done. I didn't use any top coat because I wanted to keep the matte finish of the Golden Rose nail polish.

     Ojele Essence pentru stamping mi se par foarte bune. Nu sunt nici prea groase nici prea subtiri, sunt destul de intense si se aplica frumos. Placuta are cinci modele interesante si se potrivesc foarte bine pe unghiile mele, exceptie facand degetul mare, pentru care modelele sunt putin cam mici. Momentan am o problema cu "potrivirea" modelului pe intreaga unghie, insa cand voi capata dexteritate sunt sigura ca modelele imi vor iesi mult mai frumos.
     Ca baza pentru aceasta manichiura am folosit o oja mov de la Golden Rose (09), pe care am cumparat-o din Romania cu 8 lei. Oja are finish mat, dar cu toate acestea contine particule mici-mici de sclipici, vizibile doar intr-o anumita lumina. Dupa ce oja s-a uscat, am aplicat modelul de pe placuta si... gata. N-am folosit niciun fel de top coat pentru ca am vrut sa pastrez aspectul mat al lacului de unghii Golden Rose.
     Enjoy the pics :)

      For any questions, requests or/and critics, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the comment section below, my email addresses (ana.s_beautyblog@yahoo.com / ana.s.beautyblog@gmail.com) or on Yahoo Messenger (ana.s_beautyblog@yahoo.com).

      Pentru intrebari, propuneri si/sau critici, ma puteti contacta folosind sectiunea de comentarii, adresele de mail sau pe mess. 
                       Kisses and always be beautiful
                              Va pup si fiti frumoase

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