NOTD - Red Wine

NOTD - Midnight sparklin' sky 

Haul + swatch: ojele lunii ianuarie 

NOTD - Coloured french 

NOTD: Nebula

NOTD: Easter inspired nails - Part 1 

NOTD: Easter inspired nails - Part 2 

NOTD - Mermaid... ish 

NOTD - Sex on fire 

My nail polish collection 

Nails - Let's brighten up (Catrice) 

Nails of the day: The ocean loves corals 

NOTD - Snow meets Charming 

NOTD - Icy Blue ("02 Grumpy" "Snow White" Essence Collection & "C06" Catrice "Million Styles") 

NOTD - Urban nature 

NOTD - Blue stripes 

NOTD - Discodance 

NOTD - Mermaid Spell (holo nail polish)

Glittery friday - Twinkle twinkle, little star (Ro only) 

Naked Tuesday - See my nudes + NOTD 

NOTD - Summer Wine (KIKO Magnetic) 

NOTD - Ocean blue 

Monday Blues - Blue with a touch of gold 

NOTD - Bird of paradise 

NOTD - Nail stripes mini-tutorial 

NOTD - Purple Madness 

NOTD - Autumn flowers 

NOTD - Fighting the grey 

NOTD - Rainbow Dots 

When in doubt... wear red! 

Swatch & Review - Essence "the twilight saga - breaking dawn part 2" Collection 

NOTD - A clasic french 

Swatch & Review - Flormar Duo-Chrome, m-ai dezamagit! (RO only) 

NOTD - Magnetic emerald

NOTD - Trei culori cunosc pe lume 

NOTD - Scottish plum 

NOTD - Oh, Sparkling Christmas Tree! 

NOTD - Have yourself a golden merry Christmas 

NOTD - Magical mistletoe 

NOTD - Five nail models for Christmas day 

NOTN - New Year's Eve nails 

NOTD - Bows and sparkles 

NOTD - Chic reloaded 

NOTD - Steel My Heart 

NOTD - Sparklin' rainbows (Swatch & Review KIKO holographic nail polishes - pic heavy!) 

NOTD - Azul

NOTD - Gold vs Silver (bloggers collab) 

NOTD - Love is in the air (Valentine's Day nails - 1) 

NOTD - Vision of love (Valentine's Day nails - 2) 

NOTD - French lace 

NOTD - Diamonds in the sky 

NOTD - Chocolaterie

NOTD - Ice chips 

NOTD - Ice Queen 

Swatch & Review - KIKO Sugar Mat nail polishes (634 + 636) 

Swatch & Review - P2 Sand Style nail polishes (030 seductive, 050 confidential & 060 strict) 

31 day nail challenge - Green nails (collab)

31 day nail challenge - Flowers (collab) 

31 day nail challenge - Blue nails (collab) 

Colaborare de Paste: Iarba / Flori 

31 day nail challenge - Violet Nails 

Swatch and Review - Glitter Gal Australia holographic nail polis - "Marine Blue" 

NOTD - Out of this world (water marble) 

31 Day Nail Challenge: Inspired by a pattern (collab) 

The Polishes Challenge: 1. One color 

31 Day Nail Challenge: 19. Black & white nails 

The Polishes Challenge: 2. Two colors 

31 Day Nail Challenge: 20. Glitter 

The Polishes Challenge: 3. Three Colors 

The Polishes Challenge: 4. Neutral 

31 Day Nail Challenge: 22. Metallic Nails 

The Polishes Challenge: 5. Warm 

31 Day Nail challenge: 23. Half Moons 

The Polishes Challenge: 6. Cool 

Colaborare 31 teme de manichiuri: 24. Inspired by a flag (ro only) 

The Polishes Challenge: 7. Oldest (ro only) 

The Polishes Challenge: 9. Cheapest (ro only) 

Top 20 Nail Polish Favorites! 

The Polishes Challenge: 10. Most Expensive (ro only) 

31 Days Nail Challenge: 28. Gradient (reciprocal gradient) 

The Polishes Challenge: 11. Ugliest 

31 Days Nail Challenge: 29. Water Marble (ro only) 

The Polishes Challenge: 12. Prettiest (ro only) 

31 Days Nail Challenge: 30. Inspired by a tutorial 

The Polishes Challenge: 13. In season (ro only) 

31 Day Nail Challenge: 31. Recreate a manicure you love (ro only) 

The Polishes Challenge: 14. Glitter (ro only) 

The Secret Manicure (ro only) 

The Polishes Challenge: 15. Creme 

NOTD: Absobloodylutley 

NOTN: Sparkles at midnight 

NOTN: Midnight desire 

NOTD: Holo Christmas (X-Mas series nails)

NOTD: Candy Cane (X-mas series)

NOTN - Silent night (X-mas series) 

NOTD: Written in the stars 

NOTN - Holo, New Year! 

Swatch & Review - P2 "Be cool!" 

NOTD - Galaxy nails (February Challenge)

NOTD - Half Moon (February Challlenge)

NOTD - Glitter-loaded nails (February Challenge) 

NOTD - Inspired by a pattern (February Challenge) 

NOTD - Valentine's Day Nails (February Challenge) 

NOTD - Gradient (February Challenge) 

NOTD - Inspired by a tutorial (February Challenge) 

NOTD - Polka Dot Nails (February Challenge) 

NOTD - Galaxy nails (Recreate your favourite - February challenge) + tutorial 

Swatch & Review - Flormar Satin Matte "Leche" 

NOTD - Be divine 

NOTD - Floral frenzy 

The Alphabet Nail Art Challenge - A for Abstract 

NOTD - Tulips in a jar (water marble) 

The Alphabet Nail Art Challenge - B for Butterfly Wings (water marble tutorial) 

Alphabet Nail Art Challenge - D for Dandelions 

The Alphabet Nail Art Challenge - E for Earth (tutorial) 

The Alphabet Nail Art Challenge - F for Flames 

NOTD - Viva Brasil! (ro + eng) 

The Alphabet Nail Art Challenge - G for... gradient or glamour girl? 

The Alphabet Nail Art Challenge - C for... Caribbean nails 

The Alphabet Nail Challenge: H for... hollow hearts 

The Alphabet Nail Art Challenge: I for... Insects 

NOTD - Champagne and glitter (swatch & review) 

The Alphabet Nail Art Challenge - J for... Jeans 

The Alphabet Nail Art Challenge: K for... Kitties 

The Alphabet Nail Challenge - L for... Love, letters and lace 

The Alphabet Nail Art Challenge - M for... Mermaid

NOTD: Pumpkin Spice (water marble)

NOTD: Eternal fall

NOTD: Abstract autumn

NOTD - Snowy Valentine 

NOTD - Candy Crush 

Nail Team Challenge - Floral (NOTD - Full Bloom)
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