luni, 5 august 2013

Romwe Galaxy skirt

Galaxy Skirt,
If you ask me what the best pattern in 2013? What the best popular color in 2013?
Tell the truth, I can’t choose the best. Because every pattern and every color has their fans.
But I can tell you the galaxy is one of the most popular pattern and the most popular color.
Galaxy is a pattern and also a color. It’s so amazing!!
It’s very mysterious, and full of imagination.
I noticed it from a Galaxy Print Dress. I was attracted by the dress pattern, it’s galaxy!
The color is blue but also like purple, asymmetric lower hem looks so sexy,  "Starry Night" print made me feel so mysterious. Elastic waistline with pleating. 

Then I noticed romwe. It’s such an amazing shop!! I find more galaxy serious, they are so charming.

Like the color sooooooo much, starry night, let me feel calm but mysterious.
Some friends told me that the color so dark, they dare not to try.
Why not?? We are fashion, we have our own style, we want to lead the fashion, not follow other all the time, even change our mind to meet others requirement.
No!!! Be myself, not the skirt wears me, I am wearing the skirt! I have to overcome it.
I think life is the same, never change yourself for others, just be yourself, you are the most special one in the world. Just do what you want to do!
You can be the galaxy skirt, special and charming.

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