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31 Day Nail challenge: 23. Half Moons

     Hello, ladies.

     Today’s theme is “half moon”, a manicure that I like, but which I don’t wear that that often. Because it’s summer and I want to be “in trend”, I chose two Flormar neon nail polishes which I didn’t use since last summer: an orange and a blue, to shades that look great together, in my opinion.
     Let’s see the result.

     Tema colaborarii de astazi este “half moon”, o manichiura pe care n-o port des, desi imi place. Am vrut sa fiu in ton cu vara si am ales doua oje neon de la Flormar pe care nu le-am mai folosit de vara trecuta: un portocaliu si un albastru care arata foarte bine impreuna, zic eu.
     Sa vedem ce-a iesit.

     The base color is the orange shade NO11, and the blue is NO02. The polishes are pretty, the neon effect is visible, but they are a few things I don’t like about them: they are very sheer and it takes a lot of time to be completely dry. I had to apply four layers of each shade, and the base polish wasn’t dry even after two hours and a half. I know one thing for sure: I’m not gonna use them anytime soon.

     Ca baza am folosit oja portocaliul NO11, iar albastrul este NO02. Ojele sunt frumoase, efectul neon este vizibil, insa au cateva hibe: sunt foarte subtiri si transparente si se usuca foarte greu. A trebuit sa aplic patru straturi din fiecare nuanta, iar oja de baza nu era uscata nici dupa doua ore si jumatate. Un lucru e sigur: n-o sa le mai folosesc prea curand.

     Enjoy the pictures (click on them to zoom in / click pe poze pentru marire). 

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          Kisses and always be beautiful

              Va pup si fiti frumoase

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