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5 dresses to wear at weddings this summer

     Hello, ladies. 

      Summer may be a time for sunbathing and times of relaxation on the beach, but it's also the wedding and party season. No matter if you are the maid of honour or a simple guest, from the moment you are invited to the wedding / party you are in the search for the perfect dress.
      It can be quite challenging to find THE dress therefore, in order to give you a helping hand, I chose a few affordable and sexy homecoming dresses for you, hoping they will inspire you.

      Getting ready for a party, no matter if it's a wedding party, a cocktail one or just a fancy gathering of friends, can be really stressfull for women. You have to decide what makeup you'll wear, if you'll do your hair alone or go to a beauty salon, what to wear on your nails, which pair of shoes is the prettiest and the most comfortable.... But, before you figure all that out, first you must find the perfect dress.
      I don't know about you, but I feel most comfortable in mid-lenght, flowy dresses. You know, the classical american, but affordable homecoming dresses. Since I have a few weddings to attend this summer, I was looking a few weeks ago for a few outfits and I thought I should share some of my findings with you. One of the sites where I saw a lot of cheap and sexy homecoming dresses is
      I usually wear mid-length dresses, but for you I chose a few short homecoming dresses, in case you're a fan of them. I tried to choose different models and colors, from nude to mint green and, of course, the classic little black dress.
      I hope you'll like them and, if you want, you can find more info about each dress on the link under each picture.

     For any questions, requests or/and critics, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the comment section below or my email addresses (

     Pentru intrebari, propuneri si/sau critici, ma puteti contacta folosind sectiunea de comentarii sau adresa de mail.  

          Kisses and always be beautiful

              Va pup si fiti frumoase

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